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Home Advice & How-ToFamily Back to School Reminder: Do Your Research

Back to School Reminder: Do Your Research

by Spokeo

Back to school research

Summer is ending (for some of you, it may have already ended). You know exactly what that means: school’s in. This not only means a little bit more quiet time for stay-at-home moms and dads, but also new teachers, new activities, and new coaches for your children. As such, it’s important to ensure these new people coming into your children’s lives are going to be positive role models rather than harmful or detrimental influences.

In an effort to follow the teacher’s advice to always do your research and come prepared, here are some ways Spokeo can help provide a little peace of mind:

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1. Name searches: Whether you need to look up contact information for other parents to keep up with the latest news or look for ways to stay in touch with coaches, teachers, and staff, you can use Spokeo’s name search to acquire that information: phone numbers, addresses, email addresses. Never again will you forget about a PTA meeting or the change in little Billy’s tee ball schedule.

2. Reverse phone searches: School time means a lot more phone calls, some that might be very important to you as parents. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, try Spokeo’s reverse phone search. Find out who has been calling and who you may need to call back regarding your son’s attendance or your daughter’s dance team tryouts.

3. Court record searches: A new school year means your son or daughter will be involved in new extracurricular activities and new classes. With that comes new teachers and new coaches. To ensure your child’s safety and security, use Spokeo’s court record searches, which can tell you about charges filed against an individual, the court they were filed in, the offense date, and many other details.

School is upon us and that means we need to prepare for a fun and safe school year. Do that by using Spokeo’s different search types, including our name, reverse phone, and court record searches. Welcome back, students!